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France will be taking on Argentina this Sunday in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final. If Argentina wins, AI was correct. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ran 100,000 simulations and predicted the teams most likely to win the World Cup. According to IFL Science, The Alan Turing Institute’s...

The speculation and anxiety surrounding the potential recession is in full swing. According to TIME, 501 non-profit business membership and research group organization The Conference Board published a survey in October of this year. It revealed that 98% of CEOs were preparing for a U.S....

On June 19th, Matt Fitzpatrick, a 27-year-old pro golfer, experienced a major career victory when he triumphed at the 2022 U.S. Open Championship. Although this is the first major victory of his career, Fitzpatrick is no stranger to winning. He has won professional golf tournaments...

“The Great Resignation,” a term coined to describe the current labor market shortage and record-breaking employee transition rates, is posing challenges to business executives and HR professionals across the nation. In March of this year, 4.5 million Americans quit or changed jobs while employers posted...

As marketing becomes more data-driven, marketers must be aware of the common data fallacies that hinder decision-making and prevent data from positively impacting marketing operations.  Here are the top three fallacies to address today. Fallacy 1: Only Use Online Data for Analytic Processes We all know that...

I sat down with Jay Kingley, the President of Centricity Network, on the company's Best Kept Secret podcast.  We discuss the art of measuring marketing effectiveness. During our chat I address: Why even big brands measure marketing effectiveness incorrectly The challenge of data-driven marketing How to...