Stop Guessing. Know. Act. Win.

MarketSim™ is a market simulation tool that uses expertly crafted, science-backed algorithms to anticipate consumer responses to various market scenarios. With MarketSim™ insights, you’ll know what to expect so that you can act with confidence and win in the market. Clients around the world have come to count on MarketSim™’s accurate, reliable consumer-centric modeling. 


Because of accelerating market dynamics marketers need stronger and better analytics more than ever before. MarketSim™ is based on a consumer behavior-driven model of your entire market – including your competitor’s initiatives, consumer’s brand perceptions and other external factors. Our technology unifies all relevant market, customer, and competitive data into a powerful, interactive, predictive model providing the closest view into the consumer and competitive dynamics of your marketplace.

With MarketSim™ you’ll be able to…

Understand the consumer response to “what-if” scenarios

Understand how the dynamics of distribution and pricing can affect your company’s success

Optimize your media spend over the short and long term

Plan effective cross-channel marketing campaigns that combine traditional media with digital and social efforts

Launch products in your desired category and region with confidence

Understand the entire purchase journey, including upper funnel, lower funnel, brand relevance, the shopping process, loyalty and prior use

Navigate through tough decisions and act in the market with greater confidence

Training For

MarketSim™ & Agent-Based Modeling (ABM)

ProRelevant offers training services for MarketSim™ clients who want to learn how to use this highly powerful software to drive their brand forward. 

Topics Include:
  • Capturing an entire category model in ABM/MarketSim™ software
  • Calibrating an ABM/MarketSim™ model
  • Using a calibrated model to address practical business questions
  • Making the most of your model and projecting an optimized media plan