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Your Consumer's Behavior - Modeled

MarketSim Agent-based Modeling Marketing Analytics®

Agent-based modeling is first of all, forward-looking and broadly encompassing. While current platforms provide simple market mix modeling (MMM), ProRelevant goes much further. MarketSim considers the impact of the brand, distribution channels and much more.

If you use it in your marketing – we can handle it…

  • Cross-channel attribution
  • Social & Experiential tactics
  • Exogenous / External factors
  • Traditional & Digital channels
  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking

MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics - the next step in Accuracy

Get Your Bearings

Preznc Competitive Assessment®

Gain a solid foundation to understand what needs to be done next in your online presence. Stop trying to compete against an ‘unknown’ competitor. Preznc gives insight into your own online presence and those of your competitors, which gives you a leg up.

Win new business – beat the competition.

  • 100 Signals Evaluated – SEO, Engagement & Social presence
  • ‘Hidden’ Social Stats – Data insights other tools cannot provide
  • Keyword Optimization – Current Standings & Recommendations

Be sure your online presence is working as hard as you are.


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