Building A Marketing Machine One Gear At A Time



Capturing, tracking, and visualizing your company’s relevant sales and marketing data.



Using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to quantify the impact of marketing decisions on sales. No more guesswork! 



Incorporating data-driven decision-making with marketing agility to grow the brand, sales and ROI with confidence.


About Us

ProRelevant works with major brands to provide bespoke analytics, consulting services, and training to help them maximize their return on marketing investment. We combine advanced analytics with consumer purchase behavior to deliver answers to grow sales, profits and the brand. We help clients identify and connect each marketing dollar spent to its impact on generating incremental sales and ROI. We follow a rigorous proprietary data framework to ensure their data is accurate, complete, and timely. We hold in-depth stakeholder interviews to capture their needs and concerns, and maintain ongoing contact with key stakeholders. With globally recognized analytics credentials, ProRelevant is trusted by industry leaders and Fortune 500 clients.

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ProRelevant offers a variety of top-notch tools, consulting services, and training, including our MarketSim™ modeling technology. Through our processes, ProRelevant typically generates an ROI of over 100x on our services!


ProRelevant’s management team has translated their insights into a measurement, analytic and operational philosophy to walk you through how to best measure, analyze, and optimize your marketing efforts. Both experienced and new marketers alike will gain insights from some of the top marketers and companies in the world.


ProRelevant’s Marketing Machine Blog is your go-to source for marketing best practices and guidance. Past blog topics include big data analytics, media strategy, measuring ROI, artificial intelligence, and more. 

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