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As a bespoke analytics and consulting company ProRelevant works with major brands, consulting services, and training to help your company maximize its return on marketing investment.

ProRelevant builds Marketing Machines by providing strategic and tactical marketing analytics and consulting for brands looking to reliably grow their sales. Our specialty is our team’s deep understanding of predictive modeling and consumer purchase behavior. With globally recognized analytics credentials, ProRelevant is trusted by industry leaders and Fortune 500 clients.  Services include:

  • Customized analytics solutions using state of the art machine learning and artificial intelligence to build highly accurate predictive models
  • Our MarketSim™ technology is a market simulation tool that matches a deep understanding of consumer purchase behavior with analytics to answer strategic and tactical marketing business questions.
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Building a Marketing Machine

One Gear at a Time



Capturing, tracking, and visualizing your company’s relevant sales and marketing data.



Using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to quantify the impact of marketing decisions on sales. No more guesswork! 



Incorporating data-driven decision-making with marketing agility to grow the brand, sales and ROI with confidence.

At ProRelevant, there is no such thing as a “typical client”
and our approach is anything but cookie-cutter.
Our engagements include objectives such as:

Accelerate growth by connecting consumer purchase behavior to marketing and sales actions

Equip teams to confidently respond to events in the marketplace

Deliver predictability, accountability, and high ROI

Proving and improving the impact of marketing to protect and grow budgets



ProRelevant was founded in 2002 in Atlanta, Georgia by current President Guy Powell. The company was born out of the developing marketing analytics market, when a statistical model was the only method available to analyze marketing success.


Our team helped bring to market one of the first uses of artificial intelligence through our proprietary MarketSim technology.


ProRelevant worked with leading marketers around the world to model how consumers make purchase decisions in a comprehensive way. Our analyses take into account consumers’ short-term response to media, pricing and distribution, as well as the long-term emotional impact of brand health (awareness and purchase intent) and brand imagery (brand relevance) using our Brand Equity Machine and MarketSim models.  


ProRelevant’s method of developing a completely competitive model led to deep insights on how to trade off the impact of short-term and long-term media, how to optimize the launch of a new brand or product, and how to respond to competitive initiatives.


Since its founding, the company has become a leader in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to critical business problems. More importantly, ProRelevant has helped make the analytics function a core element of marketing operations.


Read more about this in the book, Marketing Machine: The Secret History of the Future of Marketing (ROI), which describes how marketing can be transformed into a predictable, reliable, and accountable generator of sales to help the company meet and exceed corporate sales and profit targets with high certainty and low risk.  ProRelevant also offers marketing machine training for brands that need help building their marketing machine. 

Executive Team

Guy Powell

Founder / Managing Partner

For nearly two decades, Guy has helped marketers around the globe drive strategic advantage through a clear focus on the customer, supported by best-in-class analytics. He has trained thousands of marketers in a wide variety of industries, including Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), high-tech, financial services, telecom, and airlines. His work helps marketers make better decisions to deliver more revenue, profit, and market share. 

Guy has authored several books. He is currently writing The Post-Covid Marketing Machine: Prepare Your Team to Win, coming in 2022. 

Guy’s other works include: 

  • Marketing Machine: The Secret History of the Future of Marketing (ROI)
  • Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment and co-authored
  • ROI of Social Media:  How to Improve the Return on Your Social Marketing Investment
  • ROMI: Return on Marketing Investment (no longer in print) 
Check out the books page to purchase Guy’s books and pre-order Post-Covid Marketing Machine

Guy also serves on the Board of Directors (VP Sponsorship and Mentor) for the American Marketing Association, Atlanta Chapter and guest lectures at Emory University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business as well as a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University. He especially enjoys mentoring young marketers to help them improve their careers

Ramesh Sundararajan

Chief Analyst / Partner

As ProRelevant’s Chief Analyst and Partner, Ramesh has nearly thirty years of global marketing research and analytics experience in a wide range of consumer-driven categories including Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Financial Services, Automotive, Utilities, and Healthcare. He has extensive experience with agent-based modeling (ABM) and multivariate modeling techniques with special emphasis on emerging techniques in the Machine Learning space. Ramesh’s work is focused on delivering actionable insights and recommendations, rather than merely methodological breakthroughs. He works closely with academicians to bring new methods into business applications to ensure ProRelevant remains at the cutting edge of the analytics space. He holds a graduate degree in Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (Pilani, India) and a Master’s in Management from The Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore, India) where he specialized in Marketing and Operations Research.

Pulak Ghosh

Chief Data Scientist / Board of Advisor

Pulak serves as our Chief Data Scientist and is also a Member of the Board of Advisors. In his role as Professor of Decision Sciences and Public Policy at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, India he’s been recognized as one of the top 10 analytics professionals of Indian Origin in the world.  Prior to that he researched and taught as Associate Professor at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His professional interests include Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Economics, Bayesian Methods and Marketing Analytics. Pulak has served on the editorial board of the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, and Biometrics. He holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from Oakland University (Rochester, Michigan) as well as a Master of Science in Statistics from the University of Calcutta (Calcutta, India) and a Bachelor’s of Science in Statistics from Asutosh College, University of Calcutta. Pulak has authored several academic papers, including:

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen has nearly forty years of experience as a CEO and executive advisor in industries including manufacturing and technology. He brings to the ProRelevant team significant operating experience that helps him advise companies entering new markets, distressed companies, fast-growing companies, and companies being prepared for sale. His experience includes working in a variety of countries for organizations ranging from small, privately-owned firms to large multinational corporations. Andy has served in roles as Chairman, CEO, President, and Board Member for a variety of companies and has executed significant debt and equity capital raises. Andy explores opportunities for ProRelevant Marketing Solutions and manages ProRelevant’s strategic account initiative. He holds an MBA in Management and Strategy from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). Andy is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Wharton Club of Charlotte and is actively involved with the school’s alumni network in the US and abroad. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa).

Steven Groves

Steven Groves is a serial entrepreneur, digital marketing specialist, and sought-after speaker. His experience includes channel development and marketing assessments for high-tech innovations including wearable technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality. He helps clients around the world in industries including manufacturing, retail, high-tech, and ecommerce. Steven co-authored ROI of Social Media:  How to Improve the Return on Your Social Marketing Investment and served as the Technical Editor for Social Media Metrics Secrets. Steven is the Founder and Community Organizer for 1Million Cups Charlotte, a free weekly entrepreneurial networking and pitching event. He also works with the National Center for Economic Gardening on the National Strategic Resources team, helping second-stage entrepreneurs optimize their digital marketing efforts. He serves on the Organizing Committee of i2i Foundation, developing entrepreneurial opportunities for disadvantaged populations, initially for women who have been previously incarcerated. Steven holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Technology from Arizona State University.

Past Speaking Engagements & Press

Recent News & Accomplishments

Guy Powell Launches The Backstory on Marketing
January 2022

Guy Powell, ProRelevant’s founder, launched The Backstory On Marketing podcast to discuss the history and evolution of marketing analytics and data science with experts in the field.  Follow the podcast and read the show notes at Podcast.Prorelevant.com

ProRelevant awarded Best of Atlanta Business Consultants by the Atlanta Award Program

Past Speaking Engagements

Guy Powell on The Climb 

Marketing ROI and Effectiveness

October 2021

Guy Powell, ProRelevant’s founder, joined Jon Tsourakis and David McGraw on episode 81 of The Climb podcast  to talk about the keys to measuring marketing effectiveness.  Read the show highlights and listen to the episode in the blog post: Guy Powell on The Climb Podcast.

Guy Powell on The Best Kept Secret

Marketing ROI and Effectiveness

December 2021

Guy Powell, ProRelevant’s founder, joined Jay Kingley on episode 23 of The Best Kept Secret podcast to talk about the art of measuring marketing effectiveness.  Read the show highlights and listen to the episode in the blog post: Guy Powell on The Best Kept Secret Podcast.

Workshop Series

Atlanta, GA | Nashville, TN | Miami, FL

September & October 2019

In fall 2019, ProRelevant presented a series of live, 2-day workshops in 3 cities. These workshops helped marketers transform their marketing from an expense center into a revenue-generating marketing machine. The interactive lessons featured case studies, group exercises, and discussion on topics including marketing modeling, return on investment, consumer choice, marketing budgeting, and more.

AMA Atlanta

Marketing ROI and Effectiveness


In the fall of 2019 Mr. Powell led a group of senior and mid-level marketers in a workshop to build their knowledge on how to measure and improve marketing effectiveness.

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