Case Studies


Contribution of Sponsored Events

Dove is a global, premium consumer packaged goods brand owned by the Unilever Company. Often it’s critical to know the value of special events.  As part of their launch of their Dove brand into the hand and body lotion category, we were asked to evaluate the contribution due to an event taking place on Oprah.

We had previously built a MarketSim model of the category providing strategic and tactical analysis of their recent launch into the category.  MarketSim was able to determine the contribution from the Oprah segment as well as its medium-term impact on awareness and the value in sales due to this increase in awareness among their target audience.


Insertion into the Super Bowl

Aflac is an instantly recognizable brand through the use of their iconic duck commercials. The company was offered a slot in the pre-game show of the Super Bowl and they needed to know whether the insertion was going to pay off given its exceptionally high price. ProRelevant had implemented its MarketSim agent-based modeling solution to provide strategic and tactical marketing decision support. With this model already in place a quick turnaround of the analysis using existing data was possible.  The model was able to determine the ROI for the Super Bowl Ad due to short term sales and the level of sales generated due to the medium-term increase in awareness due to the ad. Careers were on the line depending on what the analytics showed.

Lycra Stretch Fiber

Measure Media for an Ingredient Brand

There’s nothing more challenging than measuring the marketing impact for an ingredient brand.  Lycra provides stretch fiber for stretch jeans and needed to know whether its consumer advertising would improve sales of jeans containing this premium fiber. 

ProRelevant developed a special B2B2B2B2C model along with consumer brand tracking to measure the impact of Lycra’s consumer advertising on sales. Consumer focused media was tested in China and in the US and was found to significantly help drive sales of jeans containing Lycra stretch fiber.

Museum of the Bible

Marketing Dashboard

The Museum of the Bible is a premiere museum of the most popular selling book in the world. Museum of the Bible had launched only a few short years before and they needed to make certain that every marketing dollar was being properly invested in achieving their stated mission.  Building a Marketing Machine requires a deep understanding of all the influencers of consumer behavior. 

ProRelevant built a Marketing Machine Dashboard to capture and visualize the Museum’s consumer and marketing data in order to provide highly valuable insights to guide their marketing activities. This dashboard helps them to track all their activities and their responses as they progress through the funnel.


My Special Duck Campaign

Aflac is an instantly recognizable brand through the use of their iconic duck commercials. With ProRelevant’s MarketSim in place, analyzing their key demographic segments, it was determined that the most important brand imagery attribute was corporate social responsibility.  Armed with this information the company invested heavily in developing a robotic comfort duck for children with cancer. Through this program the company was able to help victims of childhood cancer and improve Aflac’s image among Millennials. The robotic duck won industry awards.

Financial Services

Building a Marketing Machine

A Fortune 500 company was spinning off one of their key product units under a new brand. The company needed to know whether their marketing was working and how they could improve their overall strategic and tactical marketing.  The CMO wanted to be able to prove that Marketing had a material impact on driving sales. ProRelevant was enlisted to build a marketing machine where the brand could track their media investments and measure success against target as the brand was launched and for years thereafter. The company continues to use and improve this marketing machine over 4 years after launch to enjoy sales growth exceeding category growth rates.