September 2021

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A common conflict our clients' experience is choosing where to prioritize marketing investment when choosing between brand and performance marketing.  An article from LinkedIn recently highlighted this conflict-- should marketers focus on brand or performance marketing? How does a marketer choose between long-term and short-term metrics? Which...

According to research from the consulting firm, Spencer Stuart, the median CMO tenure fell to an all-time low in 2020 -- just over 25 months! If Chief Marketing Officers only have two years to prove their worth, how do they secure the company's success? Changing the marketing...

How can marketers ensure that their marketing analytics projects are successful? I believe there are four phases of a successful marketing analytics project: Define the scope of the business question Gather good data Choose the right analytics model Apply the insights to your marketing operations Watch the...

According to a study from Allocadia, a marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada, 47% of marketing leaders in North America struggle to calculate return on marketing investment (ROMI), even though it is a key performance metric for their business. Why do marketers struggle to determine such a...