December 2021

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I sat down with Jay Kingley, the President of Centricity Network, on the company's Best Kept Secret podcast.  We discuss the art of measuring marketing effectiveness. During our chat I address: Why even big brands measure marketing effectiveness incorrectly The challenge of data-driven marketing How to...

MMA Global released its annual multi-touch attribution survey earlier this month.  They found three major obstacles marketers encounter when implementing multi-touch attribution (MTA) models. 1)  MTA Data Obstacles A majority of marketers (89%) say that issues with data hinder their ability to implement a good multi-touch attribution...

A New York Times columnist argues that the evolution of the internet lessens the need for companies to build brand loyalty with their customers.  Why?  Because the internet has made us comfortable with buying unfamiliar brands. Conversely, I think the growth of the internet makes building...