November 2021

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Adverity's Marketing Analytics State of Play report identifies the top three challenges for marketers and data analysts in the US, UK, and Germany.  The company surveyed 964 marketers in total.  Here is a summary of their findings and what marketers and data analysts can do...

A recent Forbes article highlights the value of multicultural marketing campaigns -- they have a higher ROI than their non-diverse counterparts -- as much as forty percent higher according to a study from Nielson! Yet, many CEOs and CMOs gravitate towards non-diverse campaigns.  Even worse, they...

Marketers have created a false dichotomy between digital and traditional marketing. Many marketers think of digital marketing methods as conversion-centric, and traditional marketing methods as brand-centric. But we need to change our thinking. Watch the 2-minute video for my thoughts! You can also watch this video on Linkedin....

On Thursday, Facebook Inc. became Meta (the Facebook app will keep its name).  The company is centering itself around what it calls the "metaverse."  This new online world will be full of virtual and artificial reality experiences -- fundamentally changing the world wide web and...