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I sat down with Jay Kingley, the President of Centricity Network, on the company's Best Kept Secret podcast.  We discuss the art of measuring marketing effectiveness. During our chat I address: Why even big brands measure marketing effectiveness incorrectly The challenge of data-driven marketing How to...

I sat down with Jon Tsourakis and David McGraw of Digital Mastermind to talk about the challenges of measuring marketing on The Climb podcast.  The episode's title is Measuring Success with Guy Powell  Our discussion highlights include (start minute in recording): The goal of my upcoming book...

How can marketers ensure that their marketing analytics projects are successful? I believe there are four phases of a successful marketing analytics project: Define the scope of the business question Gather good data Choose the right analytics model Apply the insights to your marketing operations Watch the...

According to a study from Allocadia, a marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada, 47% of marketing leaders in North America struggle to calculate return on marketing investment (ROMI), even though it is a key performance metric for their business. Why do marketers struggle to determine such a...

I recently asked my LinkedIn network what skills are most important for data-driven marketers to have today. I gave them four options: Excel skills Analytic methods Data validation techniques Other/comment We had an interesting discussion about the technical skills and soft skills that marketers need to succeed. After...