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Not sure this post added much to the conversation on Social Media ROI.  If the title is what was supposed to be answered then this...

As Facebook moves to an advertising platform, it looks like they’ll be moving to continue to improve their offerings. They started with some great analytics (Look-alike...

The battle for advertising money moves forward Facebook announced two big initiatives: The scaling back of organic reach (Facebook Turns The Screws On Organic Reach [])...

I saw this through Mashable and wanted to share it. This spoof on advertising is amazing.  It shows how good creative people can bring out an...

I've noticed that over the last year or so, competitors are being much more focused on responding to competitive messages.  Here is an example of...

Just saw this article and thought it was worth a post. Emarketer provides some great statistics and they certainly help to focus the marketing activities...

  I haven’t lined mine up yet, but looking forward to Georgia teams doing well.  Of course 2 years ago was the best game when my...

By chance I was in Shanghai on November 11th, or 11.11 (for singles), the proclaimed Singles Day.  Singles Day, or "Double Eleven" was invented by...

Right and Left Brained Marketing [caption id="attachment_10117" align="alignright" width="300"] Combining creativity and numbers to get the perfect mix of marketing.[/caption] For many marketers, getting their left-brain going,...