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Is your Digital Marketing Strategy 'Wagging the Dog'? Digital media is upon us and there is a gold rush to jump in and take advantage of...

[caption id="attachment_9515" align="alignright" width="417"] Social Media & ROI Conference in Dubai March 9-10[/caption] Just wanted to let you know, I will be leading a 2-day workshop...

With Social Media growing in marketing importance, influencers are playing a larger role than ever. With the Academy Awards just happening, we saw product placement...

Amazon vs Walmart! Who is winning the retail battle? I like the retail question in the attached article, “What is advertising, what is distribution, what is online,...

Super Bowl Advertising [caption id="attachment_9313" align="alignright" width="448"] How will Avocado's from Mexico follow up their campaign?[/caption] For a brand new to the Super Bowl, there are a...

Just in! Guy Powell's Take 10 with MarketingProfs has been published! Guy will outline 5 easy steps you can take today to unlock your online...

Social media is taking over the world! Brands are no longer in control! I think we've all heard these statements from many of the social media literati...

Does it make sense to get birthday wishes from a hotel that you stayed in over a year ago? Last week was the nth re-celebration of...

As a marker, it’s intimidating when your CEO asks you “Every other department can measure their effectiveness, what can we do to measure the marketing...