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Super Bowl Advertising Payoffs & 2018 Industry Outlook

Super Bowl LI is on February 4th 2017 and Justin Timberlake is headlining the halftime show. At the time of the webinar, no one knew who would be in the Big Game – but we could see who’s making a bet on Super Bowl Advertising Payoffs!

In this event Guy Powell / Managing Partner of ProRelevant talked about the investments & payoffs of a Super Bowl ad and shared his thoughts in a 2018 Industry Outlook around marketing analytics, big data and how business is (or isn’t) adopting these innovations.

Using Competitive Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Marketing Webinars on Digital Marketing help you be the marketer you want to be.

Online & digital marketing are the best tactic to reach your audience – whether you’re looking for consumers or other businesses. The web is how they find us when they need what we have. Is your online presence delivering the best results possible? Do our competitors siphon away prospects that should be ours? Where is your customer when they’re online? Facebook or Twitter? LinkedIn?

Using competitive research we can understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of your online presence to the company and its profitability! We can focus and allocate limited resources on what is important, not on the latest fad or social media craze.

The 5 Top Drivers of Content Marketing ROI

Thinking of beginning or enhancing your content marketing strategy? Not a bad idea! Content marketing can be thought of as the way to reach your audience without having to pay for it. Doesn’t sound that hard… in reality, marketers are constantly struggling with the strategy, tactics and justification for content marketing. In this webinar, you will learn how to build a content marketing strategy while simultaneously building the brand. There are 5 distinct components a marketer can use to develop a successful content marketing strategy.

  • Business Plans
  • Audience Plans
  • Brand Stories
  • Media Channel Plans
  • Practical Tips

The 5 Critical Tactics for Online A/B Testing Success

Designing and optimizing your online marketing can be done in two ways. You can either spend a lot of time trying to come up with the best design.  Or you can quickly develop a solution and test and optimize it with real life consumers reacting to your design. Because the number of interactions is so high in online marketing, for most companies testing can deliver great results.  We can test simple things like color, picture and offers or we can test more complex design options such as, best click behavior.  In this webinar you’ll learn fundamentals such as:


  • What marketers need from A/B testing
  • What are some of the limitations and restrictions
  • How often can we run valid tests to optimize our results

5 Best Data Sources to Measure Modern Online Marketing Success

Digital media provides the most trackable, most measurable media opportunities with the richest data sets of any media.  But is it too rich? We’re spending more and more of our budgets on digital, social and search but we need to integrate the results into something meaningful in order to make significantly better strategic and tactical marketing decisions.

In this webinar series you’ll learn:

  • What marketers need from the data
  • What marketers can do to increase digital marketing value
  • How mobile is affecting value and how to measure it

Is Marketing an Expense or an Investment?

Marketing has always been the subject of discussion in the C-Suite. It’s cut when times are slow and increased when there is a whim to do something to juice sales.  That’s no way to run the most important activity to drive the top line. Marketers must connect their investments to sales and the C-Suite must demand that they do. If they do, they can expect increases of 2% to 10% in profit! This webinar introduces key issues for the C-Suite to drive measurable, accountable and improvable marketing ROI and effectiveness for just about any organization:

  • Top methods to calculate marketing ROI & effectiveness
  • Getting budget dollars approved for marketing measurement & analysis
  • What is the ROI of Marketing ROI?

(This webinar was presented via the Wharton Alumni Club of Charlotte on January 14, 2016)

Dog Wagging a Tail or Tail Wagging a Dog?

What is Marketing Effectiveness? How does ABM work to make sure you are focused on the right things and investing your media spend best? ProRelevant knows marketers understand that not all media is created equal – the question is more about ‘where can I optimize my media spend and get great results?’ As you read the articles posts here, you’ll begin to discover how an ABM-based solution that accurately models consumer behaviors will put you at a competitive advantage – a win for you, your brand and the company. Click here to view in China. (點擊此處查看中國)

ABM vs. MMM - Which is better?

In this 30 minute recording of the webinar from late July 2015, Guy & Steven explore the difference between ABM vs. the most highly used (and often wrong) analytics tactic out there – Market Mix Modeling (or ‘MMM’). Using case studies and engaging images, Guy shows us how the two differ and how ABM is clearly a technology who’s time has come. Once you’ve reviewed the webinar and read through the paper, let’s connect and we’ll show you how ProRelevant MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics can significantly improve your marketing by optimizing your media.

On Demand / Offsite Webinars & Education

Take10: Strategic Resources to Better Manage Your Social Marketing In just 10 minutes, Guy Powell  covers the most important and relevant ways for small businesses in facing one of the most difficult challenges in marketing—never having enough resources. There’s never enough time to do meaningful market research & never enough money – how do you know if what was done was successful and worth repeating? Guy show you how to overcome these social marketing challenges and get a dashboard that includes how to get specific improvement objectives and track your progress to improve your social marketing efforts.


There is a $10 fee for the webinar at MarketingProfs – Visit MarketingProfs