The Battle of Digital Media

Digital marketers have been waging a war across a number of fronts. There’s ad fraud, there’s ad blockers and there’s viewability. These are battles not necessary with other more mature media channels but with digital there seems to be technical strikes and counterstrikes between the key players: The advertisers, the publishers and the consumers. Within publishers I’m lumping many different players together, such as, the agencies, the ad networks and all the behind the scenes capabilities to deliver an ad to a browser.

Digital Media: Motivations for Advertisers, Publishers and Consumers

Each of these groups have different motivations:

McDonalds is an example of digital adsAdvertisers – To sponsor content with advertising so that a consumer of that content will view a valuable message from the advertiser

Publishers – To provide valuable content that is attractive to consumers such that they will be willing to ‘pay’ for that content through the viewing of the accompanying advertising from the advertisers.

Consumers – To receive valuable content at lowest cost in time and money and annoyance and irritation.

Each of these motivations drive the problems that are seen in digital media. Consumers don’t want to be interrupted, so they sign-up for an ad blocker. They want to reduce the cost they have to ‘pay’ for their content. Publishers want to get compensated for their content. Most do it legitimately, some do it through ad fraud. They are part of the eco-system delivering content sponsored through advertising. Advertisers want to deliver impressions in the most effective way possible. They want to appear in the right channels with the right content at the right time to their target consumers. They are willing to pay more for impressions that deliver more views, click thrus and conversions. These motivations are what drive ad fraud, ad blockers and misalignment of digital media investments.

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