The Mystery of the Marketing Machine—Solved!

The Mystery of the Marketing Machine—Solved!

It’s no secret that the field of marketing is a minefield of technological advances, shifting markets, intense competition, complex measures and fickle customers. But now there’s a new “sheriff” in town! The newest book by Guy R. Powell, Marketing Machine, has just been released. It decodes and clarifies the massive backlog of information on marketing strategies, data gathering, analytics, social media and more.

Powell, founder and president of ProRelevant, has made it his mission for over a decade to help marketers drive strategic advantage through a clear focus on the customer and the use of critical, advanced analytics software. His new book is based on tried-and-true methods gleaned from his years of experience working with global brands.

Central to the book’s core is Powell’s assertion that marketing be treated like a machine. His definition: “The marketing machine is a model of the connection between the inputs and the outputs; the media expenditures on the one side and the number of gadgets sold on the other.” Its three primary components are:

  1. Vision and planning
  2. Scenario building, optimization and ROI
  3. Rolling planning and execution

The marketing machine incorporates a marketing model that is accurate and predictable to help marketers understand marketing effectiveness and ROI in the past, and project marketing effectiveness in the future. It is predictive and accountable and can accurately simulate the future. It is prescriptive and flexible so that as the market changes, marketing can still drive strong value for the company so that sales targets can be achieved at least cost and highest certainty.

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