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Expensive Event-Based Marketing Challenges ROI Measures

With Comic-Con a standard bearer for pop culture conventions, marketers for such events are constantly striving for more fantastic fan experiences. But how do they measure the ROI for such intractable marketing investments? Comic-Con has turned into a competitive fray...

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CMOs: Are Marketing Analytics Your Best Bet?

Marketers have long realized that analytics are key to understanding customer behavior and marketing performance. The 2017–2018 Gartner CMO Spend Survey found that, of 13 marketing capabilities, marketing analytics gets 9.2% of the total marketing budget—the most of...

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CMOs: Retool Your Strategy to Prove ROI

According to the 2017–2018 Gartner CMO Spend Survey, nearly half (47%) of CMOs still depend on basic budgeting methods. These include rolling previous year’s budget into the next financial period and/or applying a percentage increase or decrease incrementally to the...

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CMOs Beware: The Shrinking Marketing Budget

The growth of marketing budgets dropped in 2017–2018 after three consecutive years of increases. The year 2017 was full of disruptions in politics and natural disasters. Marketing budgets took a hit, too, falling by 6% to 2015 levels. What does this mean for CMOs? The...

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Go Agile, Say Successful Companies

People are communicating via faster and faster channels. Companies better keep up with them for their marketing messaging. With the many bureaucratic layers of larger companies, speed has been difficult. A new strategy has come to the rescue—agile marketing.   A set...

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Rebranding Must Include Product Improvement

When the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) tweeted that it was calling itself IHOB, it started a social media buzz about what the “B” could represent. After weeks of speculation, the company revealed that it stood for “burgers,” a less touted staple of its menu....

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