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More is Better with Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling

Marketers are consumed with psyching out consumer behavior. And well, they should be. Analyzing different marketing approaches along the customer’s digital path will help determine what drives growth. Historically, marketers focused on the consumer’s path itself, and...

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Marketing Disconnect in Data Analytics

FACT: Data teams at major brands are not working with sales teams to customize marketing efforts. This dysfunctional relationship works against the current reality that data-driven marketing for direct-to-consumer products is booming. The lack of collaboration hurts...

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The Funnel Tunnel to Success

Among the lingo of marketers is the word “funnel.” This term was coined to describe the purchase process of consumers.   The customer goes through the following in the purchasing cycle: awareness, intent, desire and action This construct, AIDA, is called the purchase...

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Be On Target with the Right Stuff Random measurements don’t make sense in any arena—especially in the world of marketing. Marketers must learn to discern what data is pertinent to their goals. They need to measure inputs, the right...

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The Continuing Rise of Online Marketing

You must know that, by now, it’s the Internet of Things (IoT). That means literally all information will be or can be connected to the Internet. It also means that your product or service better get on this fast-moving train, or be left at the station. Many new...

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Understanding ROI is the Magic of Marketing

Marketing professionals must drive change. It’s a great time to be in the business of marketing, advertising, advertising technology and marketing technology—IF you understand ROI. The means to this understanding derives from digital and social strategy....

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Marketers have the daunting task of predicting and understanding consumer behavior.

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