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Go Agile, Say Successful Companies

People are communicating via faster and faster channels. Companies better keep up with them for their marketing messaging. With the many bureaucratic layers of larger companies, speed has been difficult. A new strategy has come to the rescue—agile marketing.   A set...

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Rebranding Must Include Product Improvement

When the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) tweeted that it was calling itself IHOB, it started a social media buzz about what the “B” could represent. After weeks of speculation, the company revealed that it stood for “burgers,” a less touted staple of its menu....

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Repositioning Strategy for IHOB

For a 60-year-old company based on one principal product—pancakes—to rebrand itself took marketing guts. Social media buzzed when the International House of Pancakes (the long-recognized IHOP) tweeted that a big change was coming, based on one letter (“B”) they teased...

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Social Media Buzzes About IHOB

But will it have long-term power?   When the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) tweeted a teaser acronym (IHOB) last month, it set off a guessing game about what the “B” could stand for. Turns out the 60-year-old chain is renaming itself the International House of...

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Marketing Takes More Than 6 Seconds

Opinions are forming as to the effectiveness of 6-second television commercials. The jury is still out, but according to this article on MediaPost, don’t count on 6-second commercials to get your message across. With most viewers avoiding commercials by...

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Brands Miss Profit by Not Optimizing Media Budgets

A recent Ebiquity study found brands could improve their marketing ROI by 4% if they reallocated spend from outdoor, press and digital display to TV, radio and digital video. It stated that brands are missing a potential of $45 billion in profit by not optimizing...

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