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“Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage a marketing program knowing that each time we put more money in, we would be able to know exactly how much more money we would be able to get out?” Thus begins the introduction to the new book, Marketing Machine, by marketing...

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Marketing Expert Guy R. Powell to Speak in Charlotte

Hosted by the Wharton Club, Powell will reveal some key tips from his new book, Marketing Machine. Marketers are faced today with a host of challenges in delivering growing revenue in a predictable and cost-effective way. The market is more and more complex, with an...

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The Mystery of the Marketing Machine—Solved!

It’s no secret that the field of marketing is a minefield of technological advances, shifting markets, intense competition, complex measures and fickle customers. But now there’s a new “sheriff” in town! The newest book by Guy R. Powell, Marketing Machine, has just...

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Expensive Event-Based Marketing Challenges ROI Measures

With Comic-Con a standard bearer for pop culture conventions, marketers for such events are constantly striving for more fantastic fan experiences. But how do they measure the ROI for such intractable marketing investments? Comic-Con has turned into a competitive fray...

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CMOs: Are Marketing Analytics Your Best Bet?

Marketers have long realized that analytics are key to understanding customer behavior and marketing performance. The 2017–2018 Gartner CMO Spend Survey found that, of 13 marketing capabilities, marketing analytics gets 9.2% of the total marketing budget—the most of...

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CMOs: Retool Your Strategy to Prove ROI

According to the 2017–2018 Gartner CMO Spend Survey, nearly half (47%) of CMOs still depend on basic budgeting methods. These include rolling previous year’s budget into the next financial period and/or applying a percentage increase or decrease incrementally to the...

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Marketers have the daunting task of predicting and understanding consumer behavior.

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