Showrooming Update

Showrooming Update


I have been amassing data and articles on showrooming.  I came across this article about the WD Partners’ new ebook and here are a few highlights of the article referencing the ebook from RetailWire Discussions: Competing with Amazon, Jan 15, 2014.

WD Partners’, Lee Peterson, EVP of created services published an interesting e-book on the battle between brick and mortar v. Amazon.  Here are a few excerpts from Amazon Can’t Do That: Consumer Desire & the Store of the Future:



Core reasons for consumers to still favor physical stores:

amazon logo

Amazon is taking over

1)    Instant ownership 79%

2)    Touch and feel 75%

3)    Exclusive products and bargains 65%

Amazon’s advantages:

1)    Reviews 59%

2)    Unlimited options 48%

3)    One-click shopping 47%

Millennials on the other hand ranked ‘unlimited options’ and ‘customer reviews’ as their top two shopping ideals with ‘instant ownership’ in third place.

With this in mind a few things that might be possible for brick and mortar to stay ahead of Amazon.

1)    Offer more options to touch and feel, but possibly, one-click purchasing of items not in stock in the store.  Possibly use high definition touchscreens to give the users easy reviewing access.  Couple this with very easy returns, in case the size or color wasn’t just quite right for those one-clicked purchased.

2)    Provide top reviewed/top pinned in-store signage next to items looked at online

3)    Although online shopping can provide great chat and possibly, at some point video online chat services, the in-store personal touch is still king.  “Human beings are, and will always be, socially driven,” said Mr. Peterson. “It’s time for retailers – to invest in the one asset online can never trump:  people.”

Let me know what you think.  I look forward to your comments.