Search Analysis Converts Consumer Need into Action

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Search Analysis Converts Consumer Need into Action

What drives consumers? Determine their needs, and marketers can then plot their strategy. Sounds simple.

But wait. An article in May on delves into consumer intent further; it cites it as one of the keys to unlock growth. People are constantly seeking answers and have come to expect immediate response. Their searches, sites visited and videos viewed show their intent, but also, according to this article, are reshaping the traditional marketing funnel.

The author lists six basic consumer needs when searching online:

  1. Surprise Me
  2. Help Me
  3. Reassure Me
  4. Educate Me
  5. Impress Me
  6. Thrill Me

Understanding that needs are based on emotions, marketers can gear campaigns to appeal to one of these six needs. One example cited is a shampoo brand designed to appeal to the Reassure Me state. Packaging and promotional messaging should be comforting, safe and soothing. Alternatively, a shampoo brand focusing on Impress Me should project a more glamorous image, perhaps using a celebrity to endorse it.

Companies should focus on only one of these needs at a time. However, the study reveals that search behavior is driven by ALL six needs.

All six have a definite effect on search. Some search dimensions include:

  • How long is the query
  • How many times a person hits the back button
  • How many tabs are open
  • What device is used
  • Number of search iterations
  • Preferences—text, image, or video
  • Number of different things typed into search bar

The article makes the point that marketers should realize that search is no longer at the bottom of the usual marketing funnel. Marketers should focus search strategy on satisfying people’s needs. The more needs met, the more your company will grow.

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