Pulak Ghosh added to the ProRelevant Board of DirectorsProRelevant Marketing Solutions (PRMS) is very pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Pulak Ghosh to the ProRelevant Board of Advisors.

Professor Ghosh is a permanent Professor of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB).  He was recently announced as one of Analytics India Magazine’s Top 10 Most Influential Analytics Leaders for 2015.  The award recognizes individuals in the Analytics/ Big Data industry, in terms of Impact, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Analytics Information.  He also serves in the Advisory group of Big Data at the UN Global Pulse, a big data initiative by the United Nations. He is also an academic fellow at the Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning promoted by the Reserve Bank of India.

IIM_Bangalore_Logo.svgProRelevant is committed to the development of agent-based modeling technology and the application of advanced mathematics in marketing science.  An aspect of his work with PRMS will bring Dr. Ghosh’ talents to bear on improving and optimizing the underlying algorithms, data structures and models that make up MarketSim – ProRelevant’s  flagship product and an industry leading implementation of agent-based modeling (ABM) which has been specially tailored for marketers in global CPG and FMCG.

“The company has made some major steps over the last few months and we are very pleased to welcome Professor Ghosh to our management advisory team.” said Guy Powell, Founder and CEO of ProRelevant.  “He brings an enormous wealth of great analytics knowledge, as well as, being recently named one of the top 10 most influential analytics leaders in India.  We’re very excited to have his insights and talents working on a continuous improvement plan for MarketSim.”

Dr. Ghosh will also apply his background in financial modelings to the underlying algorithms used in MarketSim.  The consumer behavior model used in MarketSim references the work of the Noble-prize winning psychologist, Daniel Kahneman.  Translating Dr. Kahneman’s prospect theory into practical application is at the core of what makes the MarketSim ABM platform so powerful and Dr. Ghosh will bring a significant interest and background to that area.

Welcome to the team Professor!


ProRelevant Marketing Solutions develops, sells and supports MarketSim® via it’s industry leading ProTools™ Partnering program.  MarketSim is an Agent-based Modeling (ABM) platform specially focused on modeling consumer behaviors and how they make purchases.  FMCG/CPG companies improve marketing effectiveness by using MarketSim as a part of their annual planning and every product launch.