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MADS 2018 Session Links

The Marketing Analytics Data Science (MADS) conference is in Fan Francisco this year and ProRelevant is presenting not 1 but 2 sessions. Here are the links and details for each. Wednesday, 11 April 2018 11:00am - 12:30pm Methodology & Usage: How to Stay Ahead of...

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ProRelevant at MADS 2018

Data is being produced at an exponential rate. How can companies identify and collect meaningful data? How can they use this data to boost revenue and do it dollar for dollar more effectively? Identifying, interpreting and using data is at the core of modern business...

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5 Predictions for Relevant Marketers for 2017

Predictions for the next lap around the sun abound this time of year. 2016 was a good year for us. We put together some great models for clients that were used in optimizing their media and a couple of ‘quick-as-you-can’ projects came in in Q4 that really capped off a...

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Last week at IIeX 2016 in Atlanta

Lenny Murphy (@lennyism) and Greenbook put on another great conference this year.  It was one of the busiest conferences with tons of presentations from cutting edge vendors and market researchers.  It was a great lead up to our upcoming webinar series and workshop on...

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Guy Powell to Guest Speak on Peeple2People

Join us on September 2nd, when Donna Peeples and I discuss the importance of the right metrics to measure and improve marketing effectiveness. Of course marketing metrics help to understand past success and failure, but marketers need much more.  They need to be able...

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Is a Transparent Marketer Important to SMB?

I get to work with a lot of SMB’s (Small-to-medium Businesses).  For me, these are companies that meet the criteria of – 10-99 employees $1MM – 50MM annual revenues Aptitude & ability to scale It’s in these companies that I find executives which are interested in...

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3 Steps in Data Driven Marketing to Show Results

I really like finding surveys that support the understanding, or lack of it, that accompany marketers use of big data. Yes, big data is easier to obtain than even a few years ago, however I’m not sure marketers have matured their understanding of it and how best to...

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