Marketing Analytics Training

Continuous Learning Feeds Success
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Marketing Analytics Training for Professionals & Executives from ProRelevant Marketing Solutions.

ProRelevant consultants, senior staff and authorized partners stand ready to provide customized training on everything we do. Topics include Agent-based Modeling, Competitive Assessment analysis and, of course, how to use MarketSim to optimize your marketing and improve the ROI on all your marketing.

PRMS will conduct classes at your location, online or at a training facility nearby. Through targeted training, you get valuable insights into ABM-related topics.

Marketing Machine Training

Setup & Run Your Marketing like a well oiled machine
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Build Your Marketing Machine

Marketing success is complex, but is not impossible to fathom. Join us as Guy Powell, CEO & Founder of ProRelevant guides you through the inner workings of building your own marketing machine with predictable & manageable results.

Here’s an outline of the 10 Sessions that make up the Marketing Machine Training Agenda.

  • Session 1 – Introducing the Marketing Machine.
  • Session 2 – The Marketing Machine Blueprint
  • Session 3 – The Cogs & Gears of the Marketing Machine
  • Session 4 – Turn On the Marketing Machine
  • Session 5 – Tuning & Adjusting the Marketing Machine
  • Session 6 – Marketing Machine in Production
  • Session 7 – Marketing Machine Ownership & Maintainence
  • Session 8 – Oiling & Fueling the Marketing Machine
  • Session 9 – Supercharging the Marketing Machine
  • Session 10 – Marketing Machine Aftermarket Bolt-ons


Preznc Report Competitive Assessment Education

Competitive Assessment in SMB / SME
Digital Marketing Competitive Assessment Preznc Report at ProRelevant
  • Understanding Competitive Assessments / How SWOT in Marketing works
  • Preznc Assessment: Part 1 – Metrics & Rankings
  • Preznc Assessment: Part 2 – Finding & Using Hidden Social Data
  • Preznc Assessment: Part 3 – Assessing Engagement
  • Preznc SWOT Workshop

Agent-Based Modeling / MarketSim Training Topics

Optimizing Marketing at Your Company
  • Capturing an entire category model in ABM / MarketSim software
  • Calibrating an ABM / MarketSim™ model
  • How to use a calibrated model to address practical business questions
  • Optimization — making the most of your model and projecting an optimized media plan
  • Updating and refreshing an existing model from 3, 6 or 12 months prior

Marketing ROI & Strategy Topics

A Culture of ROI at Your Company
  • Understanding and improving Marketing ROI
  • Agent-based Modeling Structure & Theory / How MarketSim works
  • Introduction to ABM data structures & algorithms
  • Advanced ABM data & algorithms
  • ABM Applications & Applying ABM to Marketing
  • ABM Outputs – Media Mix Models, Brand Imagery & Optimizing media
  • ABM Updates – Data swap, append or refresh?
Marketing Analytics Training Class sessions are taught by ProRelevant staff and principals.
Training Objectives focus on knowledge transfer and understanding Marketing ROI drivers.

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