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Turning Data into Insights
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ProRelevant™ is committed to providing solid answers for marketers and via ProTools Strategic Partners,  a full range of services designed not only to ensure a return on marketing investment (ROMI), but also quick implementation and ongoing use.

ProRelevant Professional Services

Your success with MarketSim technology is our number one concern.  With MarketSim Professional Services you can get –

  • Establishing Measurable Marketing Goals and Objectives using MarketSim™
  • Using MarketSim™ Agent-based Modeling Platform
  • Data Collection & Prep
  • Tuning / Fitting a MarketSim™ Agent-based Model
  • Interpreting MarketSim™ Results

Marketing Training

You get training for any staff involved in marketing simulation, analysis and application.  Classes are available via live, online sessions using screen-sharing and video conferencing or on-site using world-class, instructor-led tactics that provides results.

Topics Available Include –

  • Creating a Culture of ROI in Marketing
  • Agile Marketing and Accurate Forecasting
  • Marketing ROI T3 (Tools, Tactics and Training)
  • Competitive Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Let us know how and where you would like your training.

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