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We develop and support solutions that shows businesses how and where to invest in their marketing more effectively.

For the global, enterprise-scaled business there is MarketSim, a 2nd Generation Marketing Analytics platform which shows how consumers make decisions and how they’ll respond to your marketing.

Businesses that don’t have a media budget that demands optimization, theres Preznc Report. Using a combination of Internet research tools and professional research techniques. Preznc delivers a significant perspective on where to invest next, showing where you’re strong, where the need for improvement is most urgent and does so in comparison to the people in your market who are stealing away prospects and customers.

MarketSim Agent-based Modeling Marketing Analytics®

ProRelevant Products & Services
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MarketSim is the leading 2nd Generation of Marketing Analytics platform that focuses on how the consumer behaves.  MarketSim is the analytics platform you want – if you want to know & not guess.

MarketSim was developed by marketers for marketers, marketing strategists and market researchers which provides insight to the most complex marketing ROI questions you have.  By modeling consumer behavior, MarketSim will let you understand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing and media spend.  Imagine being able to compare the products in the entire category, consider every SKU and factor in the impact of distribution as well as pricing, place, and promotion.  You get is a much deeper level of understanding of all related aspects in the entire marketing spectrum.

Preznc Report® Competitive Assessment

ProRelevant Products & Services
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ProRelevant Preznc Report Digital Competitive AssessmentWhen you’re swimming in the ocean of possibility that is social media, Preznc Report gives you a shore to swim to™.

When using social media for marketing, sales or prospect generation there’s a constant struggle between management and marketing on what tool, tactic or media to use next.  What often missing is data that shows what important and an understanding how digital marketing works even in the most obscure business niche. Preznc connects the dots between whats possible in digital marketing and whats the right next step to take and the next tactic to be funded.

Preznc Report leverages industry leading technology in SEO and adds to it relevant signals that explore engagement and the performance of social platforms for the company. We examine the online presence of your competitors as well and give you a unique, meaningful perspective on how to get your web presence working as hard as you do.

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