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Welcome to the Next Gen in Investor Analytics

Not every investment pays off; reduce risk and get better returns.

Private Equity Analytics will reduce risk and improve performance of your M&A or Company Launch efforts. Is there ever a sure thing in Private Equity?

Deal flow increases, but not investments. In 2016 $49B was invested across 4538 deals, of which 58 deals crossed the $100M mark. (Tracxn Infographic – January 2017) Lots put into mega rounds & merger / acquisitions but marketing plans fail to live up to their promise – sound familiar? Not a penny was put into marketing analytics that examined the assumptions made in the plan.

Industry Applications 

  • Healthcare IT for Consumers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Healthcare
  • Alternative Lending

Private Equity Analytics is an emerging field and MarketSim is the science it needs. Whether it’s a new product and a new introduction or a re-launch of an existing brand, we lower risk and improve media performance.

Where Does MarketSim make a difference in Private Equity Analytics? Use it when consumers play a big part in the revenue stream and the target company wants to leverages marketing  across multiple media channels (TV, radio, print, OOH, digital, social, etc.) and when the funding has significant allocation for marketing & media spend.

Using the next generation of Private Equity Analytics is a significant leapfrog over the Marketing and Media Performance Analytics of the past. MarketSim’s Agent-based Modeling algorithms are based on Nobel-prize award winning definitions on how consumers make purchase decisions. When you need to know if there’s even a chance of hitting the numbers, MarketSim is there to do the heavy lifting.

Stop Guessing!  Know.  Act.  Win.

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