Driving Brand Value through the Digital Age

Managing media is about to go through another major transition in how it’s measured and attributed to marketing activities. In the recent past, there were media planners, working with traditional media, spending their days doing great work to come up with creative ways to drive value for their brands. Then digital came along and… (crickets chirping) nobody really noticed.

Slowly and quietly digital grew in value until all of a sudden marketers said “Wow, we need to increase our digital ad spend to 30%, 40% and even 50% of our total budgets.”

Suddenly there were two silos of media planning – the traditional outlets and the digital, each about equal size.

Digital media managers and planners were worried about click-thru’s and optimizing conversion, whereas the traditional media planners behaved as before and waited for their models to churn out (hopefully) some good results. The result was that traditional marketers were losing ground to digital. Digital was more measurable and there was abundant data around the digital presence that could be collected, analyzed, sliced & diced.

Armed with the data, digital marketers were able to garner more and more of the limited advertising dollars. The investment traditional marketers had in the past at their disposal was being allocated to digital and online.

The next wave of savvy marketers and media planners will take a different approach. The silos will disappear and businesses will realize there are two dimensions of media activities to be planned – the campaign and the maintenance.

Maintenance media are the activities to keep the background running. They generate a few posts a day on Facebook. They deliver a few tweets every day. They build out the website, update it regularly and maintain a presence across all the appropriate online platforms. It is the growth in this background infrastructure that can provide some very large ongoing benefits as well as an infrastructure for campaigns to leverage. In this respect, for campaign maintenance there is no end to it. Content and platform postings will be the ongoing cost of marketing.

Campaigns are what we all understand them to be. They have a creative theme and they are executed in appropriate ways across each of the media channels and devices. There is a beginning and an end. When done properly, they will fully integrate all media channels together and they successfully drive value for the brand.

Tail wagTo fully integrate media channels, traditional media planners and digital media managers need to work under one roof, all focused on the same outcome. There are a few things to consider when integrating these critical media activities. In particular, the impact of imagery transfer and the timing of media across the different platforms and then the optimization of ‘surround sound’ media – media that engages the consumer consistently across all the channels and platforms the consumer may be engaging in.

When done properly and in a fully integrated context, across all media channels – online and traditional – the modern marketer can deliver the next level in value for the brand.

Please join us for our upcoming webinar on Dog Wagging a Tail or Tail Wagging a Dog. We will talk about this and other valuable topics related to integrated media planning in the age of online and traditional media.