MarketSim™ Overview

Stop Guessing. Know. Act. Win.

Advanced Marketing Analytics for Marketers

Next Generation Marketing Analytics
Advanced, Next Generation analytics for marketers used in –

  • Optimizing Media Spend – Short & long-term planning
  • Product Launches – Optimize marketing, media, and distribution
  • Data Complexity – Big Data & Incomplete Data Sets
  • Product Categories – Multiple Brands / Multiple Regions
  • Cross Channel – Traditional, digital & social

Open the Marketing Analytics Black Box

Build programs that understand the entire purchase journey –

  • Upper Funnel
  • Lower Funnel
  • Brand Relevance
  • Shopping Process
  • Loyalty & Prior Use

Next Generation Analytics for the Informed Investor

Analytics Designed to Reduce Risk

Informed Analytics for Investor Success

2nd Generation analytics for investment bankers that want to maximize the impact of their investments and reduce risk. Acquisitions often leverage the marketing forecast and how revenues will be impacted by marketing activities. MarketSim can provide a much stronger insight which considers the entire market, including many factors that media modeling never could.

  • Reduce Investment Risk – More accurate revenue forecasts
  • Improved Marketing ROI – Increase profits without sacrificing marketing investment
  • Pick Stronger Winners – Prove the marketing investment can provide the forecast revenue

Stop Guessing. Know. Act. Win.

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