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Welcome to the Next Gen in Marketing Analytics

Experienced marketers need stronger and better analytics.

If you’re a marketer, you already know that 1st Gen analytics tools are not forward-looking –  MarketSim® is based on a consumer-driven model of your entire market. not based simply on purely historical, media-only data. Global customers have come to count on the more accurate MarketSim model which deals with all brands in a category.

MarketSim is the first of 2nd Generation tools designed to better support the ‘What-if’ scenarios you need. Now you and your team can have a highly accurate model against which future marketing can be planned and real results can be observed.

Persistent marketing data repository | MarketSim by ProRelevant
Pharmaceutical Brand Strategists
Your main product is going OTC. How do you maintain your leadership and take the brand into the consumer realm without sacrificing market share to the competition?
Regional Retail Marketing
A big box retailer is planning to expand into several of your key territories. How do you counter this and maintain (or even grow) sales and profitability? Do you tailor your assortment, target your media to the most profitable segments or add services?
Consumer Electronics & High Technology
Smartphones are popular. What happens when something else come down the pipeline as the next big thing?  How can you leverage what you have and accelerate the rate of purchase?
Automotive Brands
Your brand is well-known for its off-road capabilities. How can you extend this image of “ruggedized performance” into the sports car category?
Consumer Packaged Goods Brand Marketers
Some of today’s products are a result of fads. How long will it last? Find out what you can do to exploit the latest trend.
Food and Beverage Marketers
How much should you spend on a secondary brand without cannibalizing sales on your flagship product? Discover how to determine spending levels in order to optimize profit.
Media & Entertainment
You have a new type of newscast format, where everyday people file reports. What types of participants can have the biggest sway on your viewers?
Financial Services Marketing
Your new loan package is pulling about half the sales you expected. All the traditional measures show your media is working, customers like the product and the price is right. What’s holding it back?

Stop Guessing!  Know.  Act.  Win.

Traditional, 1st generational marketing analytics tools have well-known shortcomings that MarketSim Agent-based Marketing Analytics® simply do not have. First gen platforms often share common characteristics that limit their accuracy and the ability to provide real insight.

    • Regression Calculations – Regression-based analytics may tell you which market factors are related, but they’re based on the past.
    • Brand Consideration – What’s the impact of a brand? Brand recognition can make up a significant portion of a company’s worth. Ignoring it in a marketing model seems crazy if we’re trying to understand how consumers interact and make a buying decision.
    • Impact of Distribution – The media is ready to go – but distribution is being plagued with poor allocation; some regions are overloaded and others are running short – how will marketing make its numbers in this environment? We can tell.
MarketSim® overcomes each of these and provides the power to drive todays agile marketing organization. MarketSim unifies all relevant market, customer and competitive data into an interactive, reusable model that captures your market’s “DNA” and provides the closest view into the reality of your marketplace.

MarketSim® produces critical insights when any or all of these market conditions change:

    • Competitive media mix
    • Product and Brand Launch
    • Media and promotion
    • Influence of social & dark social behavior
    • Channel characteristics and options
    • Exogenous factors (e.g., weather, economy, etc.)

MarketSim® gives you answers about consumer behavior and helps you make tough decisions and act with greater confidence.

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