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Successful marketers are continuously looking for improvement in their marketing performance – continuously.  Marketing training is at the core of what ProRelevant is about.

The adage by John Wanamaker about ‘…wasting half his marketing and not knowing which half’ was made around the turn of the century actually.  We’d like to think things have improved since then.  John created innovations like the use of copywriters and picture catalogs.

Since his day, new tactics, new tools, and new ideas have emerged.  ABM is the next step in marketing effectiveness – John would have been proud.

Stop Guessing.  Know. Act. Win new business and repeat business from your clients.



Why Get ProRelevant’s ProTool Marketer Training & Certification?


It helps you demonstrate your commitment to providing the best strategic and tactical recommendations possible to your clients. You add your experience and perspective to real data that supports your recommendations – not based on a shoot-from-the-hip, anecdotal process, but instead based on both the data and a proven model of how consumers respond. Marketers and marketing consultants trained in using MarketSim no longer need to guess at an optimized media spend – they can now know where to put limited marketing dollars to get the best result.

We see more and more organizations deciding that data-driven marketing programs are worth funding. The ROI supports it and the performance of MarketSim is world-class. The Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation technology built into MarketSim uniquely looks at the way consumers act and respond to marketing activities. Now clients can see the way their consumers will respond to their messages & campaigns before they invest a dollar. MarketSim combined with your expertise empowers you to help them optimize their marketing plan to put more dollars to their bottom line.

What Do We Cover in the Marketer Training?


ProRelevant ProTool marketer training is ideal for market strategists, data analysts and market researchers focusing on improved return-on-marketing-investment (ROMI) and answering critical business questions. MarketSim ProTool Training focuses on the following types of questions:

  • Planning an ABM model and the business questions your clients want to focus on
  • Initial implementation and data requirements
  • ABM model usage and the strategic and tactical business intelligence it provides
  • Advanced ABM – How to simulate complex client business questions

Your team will receive certification for:

  • Business Development Certification
  • MarketSim ProTool Tier I Certification for analysts
  • MarketSim ProTool Tier II Certification for senior business analysts

The training sessions are live, instructor-led sessions.  Depending on the partner Tier, training lasts from 3 to 5 days.

calendar_30daysWhen Do You and Your Team Attend ProTool ABM Marketer Training?

Depending on the size of your team, we can easily schedule training to fit your requirements. Our standard training schedule is approximately once per quarter. In the ProTool MarketSim Training, we provide knowledge transfer and consulting on MarketSim usage through an intense, highly focused hands-on methodology.

Our calendar of events is here.  Let us know what you timetable is and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate.

Where Does Training Take Place?

PRMS Denver Training Facility

Training sessions are live, instructor-led moderated by experienced, hands-on marketing and business strategy experts.  Training is done at our facilities in Denver, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia, but we can come to you as well.

  • Live, classroom-based training on location for a team (up to 10 max classroom size)
  • Live, one-on-one training at your location

Training is provided by ProRelevant expert staff. Contact us to find out more details on ProRelevant ProTool Training venues and locations.

Who Should Attend the Marketer Training for MarketSim?

Marketer training from ProRelevant

In some companies, this might be a single entrepreneurial marketing strategy consultant or for larger firms it could be a dozen.

  • Company & departmental management who need to understand how to position ABM as a part of a strategic business typically attend the introductory sessions.
  • Analysts responsible for marketing data processing typically attend the introductory and Analyst sessions.
  • Senior analysts and business marketing strategists typically attend all sessions to make sure they have a complete understanding of MarketSim, Agent-Based Modeling and how it can answer the most complex business marketing questions.

From our side, we’ll bring thought-leaders and world-class trainers.  By the end of the sessions, you’ll know how to use and present MarketSim as an ABM solution that answers the most complex questions in marketing.

ProTools Brochure ImageDownload and share this brochure with the people in your company in charge of business development or those creating & expanding the relationship with clients.

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What’s Next?

Contact-Us_IconsProRelevant is actively recruiting ProTool Partners in the US and select territories. We schedule an orientation for interested parties every other week through interactive webinar tools and you’re invited! Simply, download the one-pager here, send us a note if you have any questions or sign-up now using the form below for the next event – we’ll be in contact and ready to assist you in answering any questions you have and get you into the program.

Or, you can call us directly at our Atlanta offices at +1.404.816.4344 and we can immediately discuss how you can develop a new, highly strategic business capability.

Until then, connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or G+.  We’re always posting stuff we think you’ll like.

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