“Wouldn’t it be great if we could manage a marketing program knowing that each time we put more money in, we would be able to know exactly how much more money we would be able to get out?”

Thus begins the introduction to the new book, Marketing Machine, by marketing expert Guy R. Powell. Founder and president of ProRelevant, Powell and his team specialize in delivering critical, advanced analytics software and consulting for major global brands to improve revenues, profits, brand and share. Powell’s conviction is that marketing needs to be a machine, and an agile one, at that. Being responsive to the inevitable shifts and changes in the marketplace and in technology is key to a successful marketing program.

Powell also goes on to state that, not only does marketing need to be prepared for the future, it must OWN the future. Marketing Machine explores how to implement these important aspects to ensure the most revenue for the least cost and least risk possible.

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