Marketing Disconnect in Data Analytics

Marketing Disconnect in Data Analytics

FACT: Data teams at major brands are not working with sales teams to customize marketing efforts. This dysfunctional relationship works against the current reality that data-driven marketing for direct-to-consumer products is booming. The lack of collaboration hurts the goal of pushing products.

For media companies, it is critical to go direct to the consumer. Using streaming services and digital products is essential to recoup ROI in a market that is being clobbered by tech.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have to connect data to sales. In the case of Chobani, seven different teams, including data, analytics, sales and marketing, are now housed into one group.

The conclusion: Integrate data teams with all other sales and marketing factions. Otherwise, the disconnect between the young data workers and the older CMO forms a gulf too wide to bridge. These groups must be in sync to devise strategy, share information, interpret data and install programs. In this age of data taking precedence, these analytical teams must be heard.


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