Marketing Analytics Case Studies

How others use MarketSim

Marketing Analytics Case Studies show how MarketSim from ProRelevant gives professionals the edge in providing more strategic & meaningful answers.  Time and time again, MarketSim™ has helped consumer-driven Global 1000 companies make the toughest marketing decisions.

Here are a few examples where MarketSim has delivered to improve brand strategy decision making.

Brand Launch Strategy Case Study

Product & Brand Launch

Optimization and success are just a click away – really

Launching a new brand is a delicate time.  How a leading CPG company got twice the “bang for its buck” entering a new category by using MarketSim to improve the effectiveness of its media.

Expanding & leveraging brand awareness for a new product introduction is often problematic.  Read about how MarketSim supported this team in making a Go / No-Go decision for a brand extent ion – and  how MarketSim made it possible.

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How Quickly Can You Respond?

What if the situation has nothing to do with a competitor?

That was quick enough – last year…

Rapid response to a competitor’s big-spend advertising saves a brand – and its budget.  Whether its shift in a competitors market position, a sudden increase / decrease in spend or the weather, political climate or something else, ABM gives you answers that keep you ahead.

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Marketing Responsiveness with MarketSim

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