I get to work with a lot of SMB’s (Small-to-medium Businesses).  For me, these are companies that meet the criteria of –

  • 10-99 employees
  • $1MM – 50MM annual revenues
  • Aptitude & ability to scale

It’s in these companies that I find executives which are interested in getting as quickly as possible to “what’s going to make a difference for my company?”.  Usually its stuff like ‘how am I going to find new customers,’ ‘how am I going to attract more revenue from existing customers’ and / or ‘how do I hire more efficiently.’

preznc-logo-300jpgIts this kind of company that inspired me to develop Preznc Report with my team.

As I conduct the research into the company’s online presence and see where they and a number of their competitors are at that moment in time, I add another perspective to what Preznc Report is, has become and need to evolve to be.  I am also a copious reader of SEO and online marketing tactics and strategies, which also extend what Preznc Report can tell a marketer and a company.  The exercise has proved to be particularly valuable time after time with my clients.

transparent 2The outcome however is not one I, as a strategy consulting firm or software developer, can take advantage of.   I deliver the survey and strategy, but not the work to address the findings.  My agreement with the company that keeps me in the middle of all these customers does not permit it and I honor it to a fault.  Its not an aspect of my business to fix it – I start my work when they come to me and end it a few hours later after research, assessment and a discussion on what the data means and what to do to address it.

I do not bemoan the capability to not pursue the work I recommend, because the concentrated focus on what has come out of it is very powerful indeed.  I’ve become one of the best strategist around.  The Preznc Report has been developed over literally hundreds of engagements focusing on strategy alone and includes the experience that comes from doing the research into thousands of companies – if you want to know more about the path that has become Preznc Report, you’ll have to listen to a story about my work with the NCEG.  Worth a listen, but not part of what I’m sharing in this post.

While I appreciate that I get to work with so many companies and have grown to a point where I now know what works in an online presence, it is a question about how transparent an SMB Marketer WANTS their work to be.  We’ve had several discussion in the company about the marketing industry as a whole and whether or not most marketers would want to have their work quantified against an industry benchmark.  I optimistically feel they would welcome an affordable, 3rd party research option that lets them demonstrate the value of their work to a client.

What About the Transparent Marketer in B2B?

B2B is where Preznc Report really shines.  Too many B2B companies are unaware or uncertain as to how they should approach their online efforts.  Many still wonder if their clients are even on line at all (psst – they are…), if mobile is relevant (it is) or if they need to know about analytics (they do).

This post is about where we are in the development of Preznc Report.  The team and I have succeeded in developing a solid, repeatable process that give consistent results.  We’ve changed a few things along the way, but for now Preznc Report is a tool we think is both relevant, useful and ready for a broader push into the market.  What’s relevant now is that we’re reaching out strating today because we want marketers to see Preznc Report – in all its power and with nothing held back.  I’ll be scheduling individual sessions and group meetup to review it and, if it passes muster – we’ll narrow our messaging and get the product on the street.

If you’d like to see what Preznc is all about, leave us a note and we’ll reach out and show you what it can do for you.