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Is the job title Market Research Analyst the best for calculating marketing ROI?

Job titles in marketing and market research can be quite challenging.  We’ve found that marketing ROI and analytics are generally managed by individuals with ‘analyst’ in their title.  In this case, the title Market Research Analyst can certainly be close to the right title.  Marketing analyst can also be a good title for individuals working to support the function of accountability in marketing.  It can also support the strategic decision-making process as well. A further question also entails whether the analytics function reports into market research (in which case market research analyst would be correct) or whether the function reports directly into marketing (and then the title of marketing analyst might be more appropriate).

The Market Research Analyst in smaller organizations

Many times the difference in which title is appropriate is based on the size of the organization. For smaller organizations and agencies, the market research function may not be as large as in other organizations and in this case, the analyst has to play a number of different roles, including analytics for various market research studies as well as marketing analytics to calculate marketing ROI and effectiveness. For smaller organizations, we would generally see the Market Research Analyst more than Marketing Analyst title.

The Market Research Analyst in larger organizations

For large organizations, there is usually the need for a very specific marketing analyst that has a strong data and statistics background.  These individuals generally need training in understanding the right data sets and where potential problems might lie in developing an effective marketing ROI model for their businesses and their brands.

Other titles that might be appropriate are Data Scientist, Econometrician, Marketing Strategist, Statistician, Marketing Controller, Internal Consultant and the like. We’ve seen all of these titles in large organizations. With few exceptions, these individuals with these titles report up through the market research function.

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Market Research Analyst, are they needed in every company?

Market Research Analyst, are they needed in every company?

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