The digital marketing conundrum for 2015 and beyond

Tail wagMarketers are ready for the next level in online and digital marketing.  Marketing effectiveness has become the new grail for both digital and traditional marketers.  Our new white paperDog Wagging a Tail or Tail Wagging a Dog?’  suggests that we change the way we look at digital media.  Marketers have come to accept low click thru rates with typical conversion rates significantly less than 1%! But they forget that 99% or more of the impressions – the unclicked – also have value. Is the dog wagging the tail or the tail wagging the dog?  Marketers ignoring the value of the seen-but-not-clicked impressions do so at their peril.

Isn’t digital advertising just like TV where the impressions don’t lead to a track-able click, yet TV is generally seen as very effective?   Shouldn’t the seen-but-not-clicked impressions be considered in the same way?  How can we truly determine the value of the complete digital investment, not just the clicked impressions?

What is your click thru rate? Higher? Lower? What should marketers expect?

What is your click thru rate? Higher? Lower? What should marketers expect?

Does this mean we should drop all digital advertising? No. Quite the contrary.  Digital advertising is definitely an imperative, but marketers must understand that there is more to value than just click thru. They need to now start to measure the seen-but-not-clicked impressions to truly determine whether the media is pulling its weight.  In most cases it will lead to an even greater return for digital.

As part of an industry campaign on cross-channel marketing effectiveness, we are providing both a whitepaper and a webinar to help inform and open the discussion on how this fits into your media planning and your Big Data strategy.  Want to drive increased marketing ROI?  While digital is here and here to stay, how will you prove the dog is wagging the tail and not the other way around?