A happy client is a good client.

Cliemeeting_leftnts want to invest where they get a result – marketing is no longer the exception.

Proof you’re moving the needle and improving the online presence makes for a happy client – we can deliver happiness for you.

Digital marketing effectiveness is dependent on a solid initial strategy and knowing what to do next – and an iterative process that never rests. Improving the technical SEO of the site, creating and posting engaging content and then taking the time to research and produce a report that SHOWS you moved the needle? Well – that might be a bridge too far.

We’ve got your back on this one.

Preznc Report provides an affordable, independent, expert assessment of the clients online presence. We deliver an expert assessment for you and point out the areas to focus on next. We’re taking applications for the Preznc Report Consultant Certification (PRCC) now. If you’re looking for a partner in helping you show a client you know what you’re doing, ProRelevant is that partner.

We don’t offer SEO services, content development or a scheduled posting service – that’s the stuff you provide to a client. We don’t sell anything – except proof to your client on just how awesome you are.

Stop Guessing! Know where you’re making a Difference. Act to improve every day. Win client confidence – and additional funding!

Preznc Certified Training