Device Switching is Standard Behavior

Device Switching is Standard Behavior

I recently found this archived  article and I realized now how important two dimensions of the cloud are:

Device switching is standard behavior

This has some interesting implications for cookies.  How can the advertising networks track who has seen the ad on one device and then another.  No need to over deliver impressions to the same user, if they’ve already been presented with the ad on some other device.  So the question is how do we map cookies between devices back to the same user?  Or is there another technology we’ll need to develop?

It would seem that Google is ideally positioned, especially for email and with Chrome/ Android, to be able to throttle the types of ad’s that go to a single user across devices.  Apple is also positioned well to offer the right kinds of services to marketers.  It will be very interesting to see how things progress over the next few years.

Let me know your thoughts.  Look forward to it.