What Are a CMO’s Biggest Challenges?

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Marketing is a major responsibility and there is no better RoMI (Return-on-Marketing Investment) than digital marketing – unless you’re buying a TV ad at the Super Bowl. For the CMO, digital marketing has a challenge in that too many of the metrics are vanity-driven and connecting the dots is difficult or impossible without the right data. Many of the online platforms do not provide access to the data about your account much less those of the competitors.

Preznc Report collects relevant metrics from across the entire digital presence, supplementing simple SEO data with professional research and an assessment methodology that leads the industry. ProRelevant has always been about improving digital marketing and optimizing the entire media mix a step at a time – Preznc Report covers your entire digital presence as the market sees it.

For a CMO, digital marketing and metrics go hand-in-hand. Preznc provides insight and support for the online efforts and laser-focuses the team in the areas that need the most attention. We supplement your team on the reporting side to make sure you get independent, expert verification that posting schedules are maintained and campaigns go smoothly.

Don’t Guess! Know what the competition is doing, Act to improve ahead of them and Win the digital & online marketing battle.

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