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Proven Marketing & Brand Strategy Leader

ProRelevant™ is a pioneer and leader in building solutions for major brands around the world with game changing software. We help brand managers and marketers around the world improve their marketing investment effectiveness and improve their brand strategies through our MarketSim simulation-based software. We help consumer marketers make faster, smarter and more accurate decisions to improve their business performance and optimize their return on marketing investment (ROMI).  Marketers no longer need to guess about the future.  They can feel confident in knowing what their best actions are so that they can act with confidence that they will win.

Our Core Values

We’ve worked hard to create a positive work environment that focuses on collaboration and respect for others. At ProRelevant, we place a high value on:

  • Providing the highest level of service for our customers
  • Creating innovative products that generate measurable results
  • Treating our customers, partners, and employees with integrity and trust
  • Encouraging a healthy work/life balance

If you’re enthusiastic and passionate, and are interested in a workplace that’s committed to individual growth and collaborative teamwork, a career at ProRelevant is the right choice for you.

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Current Openings

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Marketing Analyst

ProRelevant Positions on Indeed.comWe’re looking to bring on a marketing analytics professional to fill the role of Marketing Analyst here at ProRelevant. The marketing analyst will assist senior management and client in analyzing data, managing and coordinating with other senior analysts, presenting results to clients, building dashboards and other work. The individual must be highly goal oriented and able to meet deadlines.

They must have good interpersonal, written, and oral communications skills to interface with other company team members and with clients.

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