Marketing Machine: How to Market for the Present AND the Future

Random measurements don’t make sense in any arena—especially in the world of marketing. Marketers must learn to discern what data is pertinent to their goals. They need to measure inputs, the right interim metrics or KPIs with the right qualifiers. Only then are they able to tie each metric to financial success.

Since we can count on an uncertain future full of wild cards, marketing plans should be equipped with contingencies and the resources to go with them. Flexibility is paramount to avoid the failures that can come from following a set plan that is no longer applicable or relevant. If the need comes up to confront a change, then an agile plan can be retooled easily to search for the right data.

The right marketing process, or machine, will measure the right success factors. These could include unique visitors, clicks, conversions, brand information and others. It connects data from internal and external sources. A smooth-running marketing machine incorporates a marketing model that is accurate and predictable. It will help marketers understand past marketing effectiveness and ROI. They can then project marketing effectiveness in the future.

Targeting Marketing ROI at ProRelevant

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