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ProRelevant provides marketing experts, brand marketers and brand strategists with software tools to analyze how their consumers make purchase decisions so that they can improve how they market their products.  ProRelevant uses MarketSim® software which accurately replicates and simulates consumer behavior so that brand marketers and brand strategists can see how their marketing activities – whether it’s a new media campaign, a new product or brand launch, a new creative concept, a change in the distribution channel or a new pricing strategy – can lead to a winning result.  MarketSim was one of the first to bring the power of agent-based modeling technology (ABM) to the accurate simulation of consumer markets.

Marketing experts, brand strategists and brand managers from major global corporations use our MarketSim software to improve their marketing ROI (return on investment) to refine their marketing plans so that they can meet objectives and stay within budget.  Whether you’re developing a marketing plan, a go to market strategy or a new brand launch, MarketSim® provides a clear view of what works, what doesn’t and what direction to take to improve results.  Whether it’s measured in revenue, profit, brand image or market share, MarketSim can support brand managers with keen insight not available in any other way.

ProRelevant leverages MarketSim technology to assist global advertisers in taking a proactive, forward-looking approach to their entire marketing mix.  Unlike many alternative methods, ProRelevant’s MarketSim incorporates all the relevant data sources about a market.  This includes digital, social and mobile media in addition to traditional media, PR, pricing, brand image, and distribution.  Outputs are delivered using strong, custom visualizations showing where to focus the marketing investment and what to trim back.  The result is a more effective presence in the market from the top down.  
PR-Logo-final-300ProRelevant is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and supports major brands around the globe through our ProTools Strategic Partners Program.  Our partners work closely with clients in consumer products markets to achieve higher marketing ROI and more efficient use of limited marketing resources.

ABM History with MarketSim

The ProRelevant solution has been leading the way, implementing MarketSim solutions around the world that deliver the power and capability of the MarketSim market modeling.  MarketSim technology is used in a dozen different countries across numerous industries.  Each of these ProRelevant solutions based on MarketSim technology typically delivers between 3 and 10% additional profit to the bottom line, yielding a significant increase in ROI that is worth the initial project investment.  These results confirm the power of ABM-based solutions using the MarketSim software.  MarketSim provides the critical decision framework necessary to improve how brand managers make strategic and tactical decisions about their brands.

In 2013-2014, the company began to widen its reach further.  Existing partner relationships were strengthened and new partners were identified.  As we look to the future, this partner network will be further expanded to include highly skilled ProTools Partners.  This will further improve the extremely high value of ABM for major consumer brands when compared to alternative approaches.

The Future of Marketing Analytics – ABM & MarketSim

MarketSim continues to be improved and enhanced to include many new capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of modern markets.  As social media matures, as mobile marketing becomes a valuable media channel and as programmable advertising moves mainstream, MarketSim will continue to deliver strategic and tactical decision-making support for brand managers and brand strategists to reduce the risk and uncertainty of their actions, improve the results for their brands and deliver revenue and profit for their companies in highly dynamic environments.

Through its ProTools Strategic Partners MarketSim will continue to provide innovative marketing analytics.

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