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Understanding ROI is the Magic of Marketing

Marketing professionals must drive change. It’s a great time to be in the business of marketing, advertising, advertising technology and marketing technology—IF you understand ROI. The means to this understanding derives from digital and social strategy....

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Banks Need to Cash In on ROI Measurement

Like all businesses, financial institutions find it difficult to measure their marketing efforts. Nevertheless, proving the return on investment (ROI) is key to marketing success. In its 6th annual Financial Marketing Trends survey by the Digital Banking...

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Is the Super Bowl a Super Place for Your Advertising?

Get the Data - There's a lot! Marketing analysis can generate reams of complex data. Everything can be measured, but it’s how you interpret that data that makes it meaningful. The right advertising at the right time to the right audience with the right...

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3 Dimensions of Social Marketing Strategy & ROI

Social Marketing Strategy and ROI Last week I was in Singapore and spoke at a small conference to a group of marketing executives ranging from CPG to Financial to Airports to publishing. I spoke about 3 critical dimensions of building a successful social...

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Marketers have the daunting task of predicting and understanding consumer behavior.

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