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Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) is the Future of Marketing Analytics

Looking for better answers to complex marketing questions?  Unhappy about investing in marketing analytic ‘solutions’ only to find they are not only wrong but a terrible waste of money and time?

It’s time to look at the first, best and only ABM solution that leverages the work of Nobel-prize winners who understand the buying behavior of consumers – ProRelevant incorporates that understanding into MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics®.

ProRelevant Marketing Solutions provides global corporations, brand marketers and brands the answer to measure, prove and improve marketing Return-on-Investment (mROI) – Wouldn’t it be great to remove guesswork from putting your strategic plans together? Read more…

Meet MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics® 

ProRelevant’s ABM platform is called MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics® and delivers fast, strategic and tactical decision support to improve marketing effectiveness across the category, improve marketing ROI and drive increased revenue, profit, brand awareness and market share. Read more…

Data Science at Work

Applied Complexity Modeling

Your Market Modeled

With MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics®!

We can handle it…

  • Market mix modeling (MMM)
  • Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Traditional & Digital
  • Social & Experiential
  • Influence from social buzz
  • Channel Dynamics
  • Exogenous / External factors


The Power of ABM

Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) is a method of modeling that can simulate real-life consumer behavior – in real-time.  Software-defined Agents simulate the behaviors of consumers. With MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics® you can anticipate and adapt to factors before they happen – get control to best meet your strategic marketing and financial goals.

Learn more in our Knowledge Transfer Library

Global Partners

Click here to find out more about our global network of professionals who can put MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics® to work for you!

If you’re a marketing professional or involved in data science applied in marketing, click here to find out how what it takes to add MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics® to your toolbox.

What We Do

marketSimsq-300MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics® An Agent-based Modeling (ABM) platform that leverages big data and complexity science.  We promote ABM as a cost-effective and highly accurate data science and MarketSim is specially designed to apply ABM for brand marketers. Visit the Marketer Knowledge Transfer Library to learn more.

Stop Guessing. Know your Marketing AnalyticsPresnc® Report Kind of a play on words is ‘Preznc’ = ‘Presence’.  Your website is not here to compete with the likes of Amazon or, so how do you optimize our site and invest where it’s important in your industry?  We can help you with that.

Developing and implementing an ABM model is work – work we think most data-driven marketers can do and would enjoy… but it’s not for everyone.  Our ProTools Partners provide trained and certified marketers, brand strategists and researchers to help.  Some may even be in your part of the world.

We also provide professional services support to both end users and partners as needed.  Let us know what your toughest questions are and we’ll find  way to answer them.

You want to know more about ABM?  Deciding to implement MarketSim ABM Marketing Analytics®?

PRMS Denver Training FacilityWhether you decide to run a model in-house or with one of our ProTool partners, we can support the effort with highly-rated training.  Our facility in Denver, CO or Atlanta GA stand ready to provide a world-class training experience or we can come to you.  Let us know on the Contact Us page how we can help.

Preznc® Report

Stop Guessing. Know your Marketing AnalyticsKind of a play on words is ‘Preznc’ = Presence.  Your website is not here to compete with the likes of Amazon or, so how do you optimize our site and invest where it’s important in your industry?  We can help you with that.

Preznc is in Private-Beta now and we’re accepting a limited number of enrollments in a 6 month / 1 year program.  Visit us today at

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